Nimisserie is a reflection, an idea that Chef Nimish Bhatia has curated over decades of understanding and exploring the subtle nuances of culinary tastes & textures. It is the unveiling of this dream. Nimisserie is a philosophical and ethological documentary of Chef Nimish Bhatia and Indian food unified with modern culinary experiences. We have tried to distil what we consider essential in this world of culinary philosophies.

Nimisserie aspires to create a serene dining enclave in the city, a projection of Smart Casual - fine dine experience in a top notch dining purlieu of Progressive Indian Cuisine, what we define as ‘Aspect Cuisine’. The ideas behind the esculent creations, the way challenge is overcome, what is endured and enjoyed, what excellence means; to sum up, how Nimisserie is created and consumed constantly. That is the idea behind the title, but it's also proof of the wisdom that comes from the effort and work of many people; a place where the culinary goal is constantly surpassed by a creative process and its possible variations.