Nimisserie Aspect Cuisine Chef Nimish Bhatia Bengaluru

Nimisserie is an anthology of Chef Nimish Bhatia's presentations from the culinary caravan of fine smart-dining gathered, shared over decades.

We honour it as Aspect cooking, allowing you to also watch the performance of preparing progressively stylish Indian food, fused with modern culinary philosophies. The impassioned creations are underscored by a meticulous creative process and its myriad compositions.

Nimisserie greets you with a glass-clad wine cellar entrance, following three emblematic open-viewing stations conceived by Chef Nimish:

The Kebaberie – a rotator tandoor suspended horizontally
The Naanerie – a wood fired oven, dishing out breads
The Tawakerie – an open aspect-inspired take on the flat grill

In addition to open seating, Nimisserie also offers three secluded private dining spaces that can accommodate from 8 - 12 guests.

Every host at Nimisserie is well informed to greet, receive and share all aspects that make Nimisserie distinct and your presence most comfortable to return to.

Nimisserie is situated at 120 Brigade Road, just off Wood Street corner, Bengaluru.

For table reservations and enquiries, contact: 080- 69909068, 080-40988989