Chef Nimish, the widely respected culinary-artiste, welcomes you with a flourish into the world of aspect-cooking. It is Indian-food, world-influenced to a festivity – add singular and personalised to each of you.

  Your anticipation will be surpriseful, all-engaging and stunning to behold with all the senses. From the sounds… to the colour… the aroma… the texture… the mouth-feel and the joy of oomph! An experience, not short of being cosmic. It is aspects of art, experience, skill, almost planetary in earthly cuisines that we present to you as a celebration.

The advent of Aspect Cuisine is probably the main reason why we enjoy cooking and serving. We cook what orchards, seas, farms and forests provide and we do so by using the accumulated experience of many, many years in the kitchen and at the table. Aspect Cuisine aims to satisfy that hunger by feeding the curiosity, the senses and the desire.

Aspect Cuisine at Nimisserie is an eating path of experience, a path scattered with histories, aromas, textures, flavours, memories, desires and numerous other pleasurable stimuli. Pleasure is experienced in an unpredictable melody where sensory harmonies, emotions, and culinary messages lyrically intertwine. The aboriginal belief is to create a Feast by the table with live process of culinary conversion.

We have designed some indigenous equipments and techniques in this interactive gourmet grazing escapade where the recipes are tailor made for each guest and would be served morsel by morsel to scorch the taste buds and allure them into an sensuous affair.